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Living faith
Dear readers, I'm finally in the mood to write a post! It is such a pity I almost all of the holidays getting myself busy and neglecting this blog. But I really wish to share again, dutifully and faithfully. It has been a whirlwind of a holiday for me and I have learnt so much. Anyway, just two items to share today. The first item is a video of John Piper interviewing Rick Warren over the contents of the Purpose Driven Life. It's such a long video that I thought I would just watch a little. But once I started watching I just couldn't stop it. The second item is the news that Samuel Lamb has died. Samuel Lamb is one of the most famous House church leaders of China, in Guangzhou. He spent 2 decades in dirty fields carrying buckets of manure. I read his story and his passion for sharing the word. In the article, he says, "More persecution, more growth". I wonder how much truth is to this. Of course I would say that all growth comes from God, in whatever forms. This however, is not the first time I have heard this over the past few weeks. As I write, I also recall Rick Warren saying in the video how we grow when God gives us harsh conditions that are opposites of what we would ask for. We grow to be patient only when we are forced to wait, we grow to understand joy when we are grieving, we grow to learn how to love when we are forced by hateful circumstances or people.

Not only so, I guess this is also biblically supported. In Matthew 5:10, the persecuted are blessed. The book of 1 Peter details the suffering of Christians, and how worthy that suffering for the cause of Christ is. As such, I really feel sad with the tension between those that enjoy comfort and those that are persecuted. Those that are persecuted long for the open worship, uninterrupted messages, free access to Bibles and so on that people like us enjoy. On the other hand, some of us wish we were persecuted more for the sake of our faith. Here, I believe there really isn't any sort of equilibrium, neither should we seek for this 'perfect balance', because I'm so sure it doesn't exist. Man really has to live by every word from the mouth of God, not by circumstances. Comfort or persecution alone will not make us grow if we don't first seek to love Him with all our hearts, souls and minds.

Samuel Lamb's article: http://www.charismanews.com/world/40507-chinese-underground-church-leader-samuel-lamb-dies
Rick Warren's interview: http://www.desiringgod.org/blog/posts/john-piper-interviews-rick-warren-on-doctrine