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Fellowship and prayer
Living faith
The most amazing thing about Christians is that without a need for good social skills or high status, people from different lands who speak different tongues can come together and share their struggles and encourage one another in prayer. We speak in different tongues but the Bible shares the same content and we strive to live out the same truth. I have only spent a night with my half-roommates but I feel like I share my deepest thoughts with them and laugh the hardest along with their jokes. I'm not usually like that. Oh yes, I say half roommates because I don't actually stay there,I only use their couch for afternoon naps since I have their home key and they have kindly invited me to stay for the night. I think the most wonderful thing about the Chinese is their  fellowship and bondedness since many share apartments with another. This often translates to nightly bible readings and prayer sessions. Amazing fellowship really. A pastor said that real fellowship is that which enters into the personal realm of believers and not just that within the confines of the church building.